Audit & Design Service

All over the world there is a growing awareness of the need to reduce our carbon footprint. Too often, the ability to do something in the workplace that is beneficial for the environment is either too expensive, inefficient or simply impractical.

At GGR Technologies, we have 15 years waste management experience and believe in delivering waste management solutions that will save you money, improve efficiency levels and reduce your carbon footprint.

Beyond our product offerings, our experienced team can also review the existing glass waste management practices within your business or have input into the waste management design process of your new facility.

Find out more about our experience in developing existing facilities and new facilities.


“Since we have had the BottleCrusher SpaceSaver we have reduced our waste by 75%. We’ve gone from a 1.2 cubic metre bin getting emptied every week and going to landfill, to now only filling three sixty litre bins, which now get recycled. The BottleCrusher saves staff a great deal of time and it doesn’t take up as much space.”

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