Vision & Philosphy

GGR Technologies is committed to developing and delivering sustainable, commercial waste management solutions.

We believe in:

  • providing commercially viable solutions that do not require ongoing government support;
  • providing industry with technologies that can improve profitability, work spaces and levels of safety in work places, and;
  • delivering commercially sustainable solutions that provide cost effective solutions that encourage recycling, reduced energy consumption and increased awareness about the importance of sustainability.

"There's a way to do it better - find it." - Thomas Edison


“Since we have had the BottleCrusher SpaceSaver we have reduced our waste by 75%. We’ve gone from a 1.2 cubic metre bin getting emptied every week and going to landfill, to now only filling three sixty litre bins, which now get recycled. The BottleCrusher saves staff a great deal of time and it doesn’t take up as much space.”

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