“We have been using the Compact Bar bottlecrusher for 3 years now, and we could not operate without the crusher, due to space savings in the waste room and we generate a lot of glass. The support service is great and glass collection is timely and on-call when we are very busy.”



Venue Manager La Capaninna

La Capaninna Restaurant Scarborough

“Since we have had the BottleCrusher SpaceSaver we have reduced our waste by 75%. We’ve gone from a 1.2 cubic metre bin getting emptied every week and going to landfill, to now only filling three sixty litre bins, which now get recycled. The BottleCrusher saves staff a great deal of time and it doesn’t take up as much space.”

-John Reid

Fly By Night Manager

Fly By Night Musicians Club

“We purchased several BottleCrushers to help us easily dispose of waste glass, both in our packaging area and hospitality venues. They have helped us substantially reduce the number of glass bins required, saving valuable space.”

-Alex Troncoso

Little Creatures Chief Brewer

Little Creatures Brewery

"We love the work of the Bottlecrushers operation.  They  provided exactly what we needed, a workhorse of a bottlecrusher and timely glass cullet collection for about 8 years now already. Great work."

-David Bushell

Manager Maintenance

The Gate Bar & Bistro