New Facility:Waste Glass Management Design

Venue owners constructing new facilities are often incredibly surprised when they discover the labour and space savings they can achieve by adopting simple processes and technology.

As an added benefit, through the implementation of the BottleCrusher technology, our customers have minimised occupational health and safety risks and achieved more sustainable and environmentally friendly outcomes to managing their glass waste.

Looking for a cost effective solution that will save you money?

Our experienced design consultant can show you how to implement a BottleCrusher waste glass management system to improve your operating efficiency, reduce your labour costs and minimise the amount of space you dedicate to storing glass waste.

Keen to improve your green star rating and reduce your carbon footprint?

We can customise cost-effective solutions for any venue and specifications. The BottleCrusher team can also assist in improving your green star rating, reducing your carbon footprint or working towards gaining development planning approval.


“We purchased several BottleCrushers to help us easily dispose of waste glass, both in our packaging area and hospitality venues. They have helped us substantially reduce the number of glass bins required, saving valuable space.”

Lamonts Wine Store