Glass Recycling

We believe in the use and responsible waste management of glass, and therefore we are keen to see glass products recycled. Recycling glass reduces the need for raw materials, cuts greenhouse gas emissions and saves energy associated with producing comparative new products.

Recycling glass has several direct benefits over producing new glass products:

Energy Savings

Recycling glass saves 74% of the energy required to produce new glass from raw materials.

Reduction in Green House Gas Emissions

Recycling glass only creates half the greenhouse gas of making new glass, saving 315kg of carbon dioxide per tonne.

Reduction in Demand for Raw Materials

1.2 tonnes of raw materials are preserved for every tonne of recycled glass used.

Diversion of Glass from Landfill

Landfill requires huge amounts of space and takes thousands of years to degrade. With current urban landfill at saturation point, state and federal governments are looking for new waste sites and new technologies to reduce the pressure on landfills. Reducing the amount of glass waste going to landfill will help reduce the need for more landfill sites, and will allow existing sites to be re-used more quickly as this non-biodegradable waste will not be present, or at least substantially reduced.



“We have been using the Compact Bar bottlecrusher for 3 years now, and we could not operate without the crusher, due to space savings in the waste room and we generate a lot of glass. The support service is great and glass collection is timely and on-call when we are very busy.”


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