Glass Audit & Management Review

Many venues underestimate the labour cost associated with managing glass waste. Large venues often require employees to constantly move small bins of empty bottles to dedicated waste areas where the small bins are then emptied. Popular entertainment venues are generally located in areas where the real estate value per square metre is considerable, yet very little is done to minimise the amount of this space required to store waste.

The same can be said of the dollar value associated with the space required to store empty glass bottles.

Keen to better understand the amount of glass waste your company or venue is managing?

We have audited the glass waste policies and practices of hotels around the world to help improve their operating practices. Our experienced team can provide a complete audit of your existing glass waste process considering; volume, labour cost, associated storage cost and the sustainability level of your current system, to improve your operating efficiencies and in turn your bottom line.

Looking for a more intelligent and greener option to managing your glass waste?

The team at BottleCrusher is focused on environmental waste management solutions. A review of current glass waste management processes will identify opportunities for reducing the costs associated with managing empty glass bottles and minimising the space required for storing glass waste. We can also help you realise more sustainable solutions that are also commercial for your company.


“It’s made an enormous difference. Our business is on a laneway with residents on one side, and that whole big issue about noise at the end of the night is completely eliminated. Also, just the sheer volume of waste is so much smaller and it’s so fast and efficient. We just love it, and it’s only been three weeks.”

Lamonts Wine Store