GGR Technologies Story

At GGR Technologies we believe that there is a better more responsible way of operating. This thinking is responsible for positioning BottleCrusher as the leader in bottle crushing technology, and delivering the most sophisticated and safe glass bottle crushing machines to the hospitality industry.

GGR Technologies was launched in 2003 in Perth, Western Australia, by Dr Harrie Hofstede, who at the time identified the issues that constrained glass recycling. Armed with a PHD in Waste Management, Dr Hofstede set out to find a solution.

Dr Hofstede realised that two main issues hindered glass recycling. The first was the high cost associated with transporting glass, which in an unprocessed state has a large volume and low value.

The second was the absence of any commercial solutions which enabled venue operators to store waste glass so it could be collected for recycling. This was due to the relatively large area required by venues to store uncrushed waste glass.

Dr Hofstede recognised that by safely reducing the volume of waste glass on site, transport costs would be lowered and venues would be able to reclaim valuable area previously designated to storing waste glass. In 2003, GGR Technologies, under the guidance of Dr Hofstede, launched the Compact Bar BottleCrusher machine which revolutionised waste glass management in bars. It was a machine designed to fit behind the bar, and safely and quietly reduce the volume of waste glass by up to 75%.

Two years later, Dr Hofstede and GGR Technologies added the SpaceSaver BottleCrusher to the range in response to demand from venues for a model that could be situated in a designated waste area and process larger volumes of glass.

Since then, the GGR team has identified and met the need for a machine that services higher volume venues by lifting, tipping and crushing full bins of empty bottles almost automatically. This is how the BottleMaster came into circulation. Since then, GGR technologies have supplied bottle crushing machines to casino’s, leading chain hotels, yachts, bars, restaurants and nightclubs all over the world.


“It’s made an enormous difference. Our business is on a laneway with residents on one side, and that whole big issue about noise at the end of the night is completely eliminated. Also, just the sheer volume of waste is so much smaller and it’s so fast and efficient. We just love it, and it’s only been three weeks.”

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