The BottleMaster can lift both 120L and 240L bins, is fitted with the highest safety features and comes with a steel waste bin which can hold approximately one cubic metre of crushed glass - the equivalent of 20 full 240L bins of uncrushed glass bottles.

The BottleMaster is ideal for facilities generating high volumes of glass bottle waste such as casinos, sporting arenas, concert venues, function centres and mine sites. The Bottlemaster meets the highest levels of safety requirements, satisfying category 3 for Occupational Health & Safety regulations in Australia.

The BottleMaster is fully automatic and will help venues significantly reclaim valuable space by reducing the number of bins required to store glass waste.

Eliminate risks associated with lifting and tipping large bins

The BottleMaster will prevent any unnecessary risk of injury through lifting and tipping heavy bins full of empty bottles.


  • Fully automatic, easily operated by one person
  • Meets Category 3 of Australian OH&S Safety Standards
  • Reduces labour and waste collection costs
  • Ideal for facilities generating a high volume of waste glass such as casinos, sporting arenas, concert venues, function centres and minesites

See it in action


“It’s made an enormous difference. Our business is on a laneway with residents on one side, and that whole big issue about noise at the end of the night is completely eliminated. Also, just the sheer volume of waste is so much smaller and it’s so fast and efficient. We just love it, and it’s only been three weeks.”

Lamonts Wine Store